Premium Potted Norway Spruce


Potted Premium Norway Spruce direct from our Christmas tree farm

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A potted Norway spruce direct from our Christmas tree farm. The Norway spruce is the traditional Christmas tree that everyone associates with Christmas. It has that great Christmas scent and it also has the traditional Christmas shape.

The Norway spruce is a popular tree in the UK for a reason. They have short, dark green needles. Our Norway spruce are premium trees which means they are a full tree with the classic Christmas tree shape.

A potted tree is a tree that has been grown in a field and then dug up to put in a pot. This means some of the roots have been cut off and so there is a lower chance of the tree growing again the following year compared to a container grown tree. Due to it still having some roots it will have better needle retention than a cut tree.

  • Rooted in a pot
  • Dark green appearance
  • Excellent Christmas scent
  • Premium shape
  • Available in sizes up to 5ft (120cm)
  • A 5ft tree includes pot i.e. 4ft tree and 1ft pot

Additional information

Tree size

90cm (3ft), 120cm (4ft), 150cm (5ft)


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