Krinner Comfort Stand


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Krinner stands use a foot pedal to tighten clamps around the tree trunk, holding the tree firm, secure and straight, whatever the size. Ingeniously simple, very easy to use and the highest quality. For indoor use only.

Foot pedal clamping device ensures the Christmas tree stands absolutely firm and straight, whether thick, thin or crooked. Just press the foot pedal and secure the tree in place.

Water level indicator pops up when level is high enough – top up when it goes down.

  • Mono-cable holds the tree inplace
  • Foot pedal ratchet clamping
  • Safety lock
  • Generous water reservoir
  • Pop-up water gauge
  • Saves lower branches
  • Trees up to 230cm (7.5ft) maximum trunk size 11cm

Additional information

Stand size

Cinco 6 (trees up to 6ft), Cinco 8 (trees up to 8ft)


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