Choose and Cut appointment




A 45 minute slot to come a choose a tree in our field, either reserve or take away the tree. Maximum of 2 people per group. Please bring your order confirmation with you on arrival. A £3 booking fee in charged.

There are a few rules that everyone must stick to. We know these aren’t ideal but if we don’t have them we won’t be able to open our field too anyone.
People can only come in groups of a maximum of 2 people from 1 household which includes children (i.e. 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 child). You must have an appointment to come. Please do not book one slot after the other so you can bring your family. If this happens we will have too turn you away.
We have a maximum number of people that we are allowed to have in the field so if you book an extra slot for 1 household you are taking away slots for other people and also breaking the rules we have to stick by.
We know choosing a tree is usually a family occassion but this year we have to follow rules to be able to open our field. These rules are because we are classed as essential and if we were to be classed as entertainment for a family day out we would be closed.
Thank you for your understanding, we appreciate it is not easy but this is for both our customers and our staffs safety.
From all the team at Newsholme Christmas
Trees, we look forward to seeing you.


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