Christmas trees

Ready Cut Trees

We provide three different types of ready cut trees here at Newsholme Christmas Trees and these are, Nordmann fir, Fraser Fir and Norway Spruce. We only cut the trees we need to sell that week. This means our trees are fresher and will last longer than many other places that just sell Christmas trees. Also if you want to go one stage further and get the ultimate Christmas experience and get the freshest Christmas tree you can always go for one of our choose and cut trees. There is also a selection of potted trees to buy.

Nordman Fir are the most common low drop variety of Christmas tree in the UK with very deep green needles.

Fraser Fir are another low drop variety that tends to have a narrower more compact look with a great Christmas smell too them.

Norway Spruce are the traditional Christmas tree that has a great shape and smells great.

Choose and Cut (Pick your own)

We provide a choose and cut service throughout the Christmas period, this provides the ultimate Christmas experience. You can walk through our entire plantation of trees that are still growing and pick the tree for you.

There are two options for taking a tree. The first is to go and choose a tree and then we will cut it down there and then for you. The second option allows customers to come and choose a tree earlier than they would like and reserve that tree. Once a date for collecting the tree is decided and a deposit paid we will have that tree cut down and ready for you to pick up. This service allows people to get in early and choose the best possible tree but also means the tree is a fresh as possible when it is taken home.

Please check our Facebook page for updates on availability of choose and cut Christmas trees.