About us

Our Story: A Journey Rooted in Quality and Tradition

Welcome to Newsholme Christmas Trees, a family-run business passionately helmed by Neil and Matthew Wright. Nestled in the charming village of Newsholme, near Howden in East Yorkshire, our journey has been one of love, dedication, and more than two decades of commitment to providing the finest Christmas trees.

Our story began in the early 90s, although we can’t pinpoint the exact year. Neil’s frustration with poor-quality trees that withered long before the 12 days of Christmas had passed was the spark that ignited our venture. A lightbulb moment led him to take action – he decided to grow his own trees on a spare piece of land.

Six or seven years later, our first batch of trees wereready. Realising he’d planted more than needed, Neil started selling the surplus to family and friends. Word quickly spread about the longevity of these fresh-cut trees, and a growing circle of customers emerged.

As the years rolled by, our customer base expanded, and so did the number of trees we planted. Today, we proudly nurture over 30,000 trees, but our commitment to solving Neil’s initial problem remains unchanged. We are dedicated to providing you with the freshest Christmas trees available.

At Newsholme Christmas Trees, we believe you won’t find a fresher Christmas tree anywhere else. Our journey is a testament to the pursuit of quality, the love of tradition, and the joy of sharing the magic of Christmas with you. We look forward to many more seasons of bringing the beauty of fresh trees to your holiday celebrations.